The hobby queen

Doing bridges in beautiful scenery is my vibe.

My journey with blogging in the cyber world began on Tumblr. My page was more of a vision board of interests, history, culture, and social causes that I care about as opposed to being an outlet for my written thoughts. After Tumblr-ing, I moved to WordPress and finally decided to join Medium. When it comes to expressing myself, I do it best when writing. I keep a lot to myself, yet I have a lot on my mind. …

Why being the “Jack and Jill of all trades” should extend to fitness

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In the athletic world, we’re taught to specialize in a sport that’s ideal for our body type and ability. Being tall means one will be a good fit for sports like basketball and volleyball. Being big and tall means one will be a good fit for American football, rugby, water polo, or throwing the shot put. Having long arms is an asset for swimming. Being short, lean, and flexible are ideal for gymnastics, ballet, or figure skating.

Once an athlete finds their specialty, they’ll spend years perfecting it with the hopes of winning a local, regional or national championship. Some…

Mindset Shift

Why no explanation is needed for doing what you love to do

Simone Biles at the 2021 GK US Classic (Emilee Chin/Getty Images)

In the world of gymnastics, the 2021 GK US Classic was held in Indianapolis, Indiana two weeks ago. This competition is one of three final tests before the team is chosen for the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games. This meet had a lot of anticipation for many reasons.

The 2020 season was immediately cut short due to the pandemic, which resulted in the Olympic Games as well as other major competitions being postponed or canceled. Gymnastic fans were curious to see if their favorites are still in good form to make the team, and which gymnasts benefited from having an extra…

It wasn’t a flawless victory, but it was pretty victorious.

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Mortal Kombat is a fighting game that was created two decades ago. Over the years as the game evolved, new characters were introduced and many interesting storylines and plots were developed. In 1995, the first movie adaptation of the video game was created, and it was a success. Two years later, producers made an attempt at creating a sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Let’s just say most Mortal Kombat (MK) fans like to pretend that movie didn’t exist.

As someone who played the games as a child and loved the movie…

Without worrying about weight

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When one wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle, they may feel that it should start with a scale to see how much mass is on their body. The fixation on weight and physique has caused some people to become obsessive about it and go on extreme diet and fitness regimens, which ended up making them feel worse than before. In certain cases, one’s weight has some importance, in other cases, it’s simply numerical data, nothing more. Making improvements in your physical health isn’t solely about shrinking or expanding your body. There are much better ways to measure progress without focusing…

And you might end up happier

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It was a Saturday morning. A group of women in their 20s met up for breakfast expecting to have an adventurous day consisting of rock climbing and bike riding in along the Pacific coast in Northeastern Taiwan. Those plans quickly changed once the heavy rain started to pour down. It was projected to rain for the rest of the day.

While sitting around and letting our food digest, we asked ourselves “Now what?” We were fueled and ready to spend the day burning lots of energy but saw that would no longer be the case. Our event organizer had a…

Even if it takes forever to touch the floor


When it comes to being bendy, learning the splits can be viewed as the symbol of achieving flexible mastery, and the oversplits are viewed as boss-level flexible mastery.

There are two common splits. The front split, or called Hanumanasana in yoga, is the position where the one leg is fully extended in front of the torso, while the leg is fully extended behind it.

The middle split, also known as the straddle split, side split, box split, or Samakonasana in yoga, is the position where the legs are fully extended to the right and to the left of the torso…

Here’s what happened and what I learned:


For the human race, modernization has been both a blessing and a curse. Many inventions have made life very easy for us. Driving instead of walking, elevators and escalators instead of stairs, microwaves instead of cooking something over a fire, buying food instead of farming and hunting, sitting in a chair instead of resting in a squat position, and so on. These inventions have allowed us to increase the number of things we do in our days and reach high levels of comfort, but at the same time, it has decreased the movement range of our bodies.

When it comes…

A brief history of how humans have tracked time

What if I told you that I have plans to celebrate the New Year in February?

Depending on where you’re from, that last sentence may be confusing. Or you may conclude that what I really meant to write was January. In reality, I was talking about the Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year.

When you’re around those who celebrate this day, you wouldn’t say “Happy Lunar New Year!” or “Happy Chinese New Year!” You’d simply say “新年快乐!” (xīn nián kuài lè), which translates to “Happy New Year!”

In other parts of the world, when the calendar…

Today we acknowledge you

Photo by Wanda Sabir

Kwanzaa is an annual celebration that honors African heritage and African American culture. This holiday started in the United States in the late 1960s as a way to unify the Black American community after the Los Angeles Watts Riots and other social and political changes during this time. This 7-day celebration is observed from December 26 to January 1. Each day represents one of the seven principles that are recognized in both the Swahili and English language.

Day 1: Umoja (Unity)

Day 2: Kujichagulia (Self-determination)

Day 3: Ujima (Collective work and responsibility)

Day 4: Ujamaa (Cooperative…

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