Does Moving On Mean Neglecting The Needs Of Others?

The answer isn’t so clear…

Photo by Michael Browning via Unsplash

Sometimes You Need To Be Selfish

And that’s okay #sorrynotsorry. While there are some people who feel it’s their duty to stay in the community to help their people (even those who don’t even want the help), there are some people who simply don’t. More power to people who want to place that burden on themselves. I respect them, however I don’t blame other people for going abroad for better opportunities, a worldly education, and/or moving in pursuit of more fulfillment and a better piece of mind.


We’re showing people that there’s another way to succeed in the game of life and achieving the so-called American Dream. In previous generations, there were nowhere near as many possibilities African Americans to live or travel abroad unless it was the military. For many, this lifestyle was simply not possible because many people couldn’t afford to leave, weren’t allowed to leave, and didn’t have the same plethora of opportunities that we do now (i.e. something that our ancestors were fighting for).

Never forget that you are your ancestors’ wildest dreams. Honor that legacy by going farther than those before you. Whose world it this? It’s yours. You belong anywhere. You belong everywhere.

As African Americans abroad, when we show people our lifestyle or eventually do return home and talk about our experiences, we are showing people that this opportunity is possible. Imagine someone who never left their hometown who meets someone that spent years working in *insert exotic sounding country* and are learning about HOW they could land a job abroad. That can inspire someone to focus on their studies and one day be in the same exact position or better.

In Closing…

Do I feel that African Americans have turned their back on the community back home? Yes, no, maybe and I don’t know. As stated before a lot of the fingers can be pointed at people back home. Everyone is living their lives as they see fit and they are helping out if they are able (and want) to do so. Our prescence and expertise can be beneficial at both home and abroad. Giving back to the community really comes down to one’s choice.

Self-reflections, sports, travel, and social commentary that may come with a splash of contrarianism. Twitter & IG @_nicolecoop

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