New Year, Same Me


If you’re a follower of the Gregorian calendar, Happy New Year! If not, then an early or late Happy New Year to you!

A lot of people begin this month feeling refreshed, motivated, and have high hopes for the upcoming year. Many people have asked me my goals for this so-called new year. To be honest, I have nothing. Nada. Zip.

While it is true 2017 has overall been [another] transformational year, part of me also think it’s silly to measure my goals, and create new ones based on a [man-made] calendar. If I have a new goal for January, then I’ll start working towards making it happen, if not, then I’ll focus on the goals I’ve made in the previous months. As of now, I have nothing new.

For the first time in a while, I rang in the New Year at the local bar in my current city of residence. It was a fun night out, but in the end, it was just another night out. Nothing more, nothing less.

Holidays is a great time to get together with friends and family and get that much needed fix of fellowship that us humans crave. Sometimes I think we hold too much weight on holidays, which can explain why some people have a really hard time keeping their resolutions for the year. If your goals flop, do you throw in the towel and wait until January 1, 2019 when the general population becomes super optimistic again? Do you dust yourself off and [immediately] try again?

It’s good to create goals for yourself. They challenge you into creating a better version of you. At the same time, don’t feel obligated to make up something just for the sake of it because it’s the status quo.

Reinvent and challenge yourself the moment the idea hits you. Whether it’s first of January or thirtieth day of April.

New day new me.

New second, new vision.

New opportunity, new me.

New country, new perspective.

New breath, new me

-Vagabond Jazz




Self-reflections, sports, travel, and social commentary that may come with a splash of contrarianism. Twitter & IG @_nicolecoop

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Nicole Cooper

Nicole Cooper

Self-reflections, sports, travel, and social commentary that may come with a splash of contrarianism. Twitter & IG @_nicolecoop

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